The collection of Roman Babichev can be counted among the best experimental collections of Soviet art. Drawing attention to the blind spots of Soviet art history, this research-based collection restores the multidimensional perception of art as a "form of public consciousness" prevalent in the 1920s. It presents the broad range of social and political approaches of Soviet artists who preserved their integrity and professional identity. The emphasis on unusual and significant works of art, which noticeably enrich perceptions of the era, sets it apart from many other collections. For the past 25 years since 1992, the collection has amassed a volume of works which today numbers over 4000 paintings, drawings and sculptures, reflecting the dramatic history of Russian art of the 20th century. Nadia Plungian

This section outlines the collection, showing the artists' most characteristic works. The full collection is published in the catalogue raisonné Implicit Modernism. The collection of Roman Babichev. [Russian title: Modernism Without a Manifesto]